Arts and Liturgical Environment

Chris Renzi

Mission:   As children of Our Lady of the Assumption, we strive to lift up our parish family through beautiful and dignified art and environment that complements the liturgical season or spiritual event being celebrated.

We strive to:

  • Create a respectful, beautiful floral complement within the church which honors the appropriate liturgical season, specific holy day, Mary our patroness and sacramental liturgies.
  • Select and care for appropriate altar paraments symbolic of the liturgical season or specific spiritual event.
  • Create a visual experience for our center of worship through color and floral choices that reflect the desired symbolism for our clergy and parishioners.

We are always seeking new members!  If you would like to become involved with this rewarding ministry, please contact Chris Renzi.

To schedule a memorial flowers offering for an upcoming Sunday or Holy Day, please click here for additional information.  Thank you for your generosity!