Missionary Servants of Holy Love

Angela Varrichio

Mission:  Through the MSHL lay apostolate of devotion to prayers we pledge to lift up one another and all who seek God.  We offer intercessory prayers for all people in the world.  Like Jesus, we offer loving service to all in need.  We evangelize, welcome and teach the Gospel of truth to all.  Like Mary who is filled with God’s grace, we are striving to become living examples of her son Jesus living in Holy Love and demonstrating the two greatest commandments by our actions.

The Missionary Servants of Holy Love (MSHL) is an ecumenical lay apostolate committed to living  a life of personal holiness by loving God above all else and neighbor as self through consecration to the United Hearts of Jesus and Mary; to evangelize this way of life.  MSHL gather to pray the rosary for an end to abortion, for all priests, for peace in the world and for conversion of hearts of the world.

The Missionary Servants of Holy Love prayer group meets every Tuesday night at 7pm in the Sacred Heart Chapel of the Lower Church.  The group is dedicated to the power of prayer through the Immaculate Heart of Mary  to convert the hearts of the world to be living examples of the two greatest commandments: to love God above all else and to love your neighbor as yourself.  The group prays the Rosary, meditating on the Passion of our Lord.  Each week varies in theme from focusing prayer on the end of abortion, to praying for all priests, to praying that everyone will live according to the Will of God.  We pray the Litany for Life and the Divine Mercy chaplet for all the souls on this earth.

If you are concerned with the direction the media and society is headed, remember there is power in prayer.  Come and devote 1 ½ hours to join our dedicated members for these special all embracing prayers for the conversion of the heart of the world.