Planning A Funeral Mass


The Funeral Liturgy is the central Liturgical Celebration of the Christian community for the deceased.

When one of its members dies, the Church encourages the celebration of the Funeral Liturgy at a Mass.

The Funeral Liturgy is an act of worship, and not merely an expression of grief.  This Funeral Guide is

here to assist you as you plan the Funeral Mass for your loved one.  We invite you to choose the

readings and the Sacred Music options for the Funeral Mass, via the links below.  We know this time

may be overwhelming, especially with the amount of information to be presented here.  If you have

any immediate questions, please contact the Parish Office at 610-688-1178.

     I.   Making Arrangements to Celebrate the Funeral Liturgy, click HERE to access.

   II.   Funeral Mass Planning Form, click HERE to access.

 III.   Order of the Funeral Mass, click HERE to access.   

  IV.   Liturgy of the Word:

          A.  First Reading, click HERE to access.  

          B.  Second Reading, click HERE to access.

          C.  General Intercessions, click  HERE to access.

    V.   Selection of Sacred Music, click HERE to access.

  VI.   Family Participation, click HERE to access.

VII.   Funeral Mass Preparation Checklist, Click HERE to access.