*  Note:  All items bolded are selected by the family.

III.  Order of the Funeral Liturgy:

       1. Reception of the The Body: The Body of the deceased is placed before the Paschal  

             Candle in front of the altar.

         2. Words of Remembrance are given.

         3. Opening Prayers by the Celebrant and blessing of the body with holy water.

         4. Opening Hymn is sung.

Liturgy of the Word:

       5. First Reading is proclaimed.

         6. Responsorial Psalm is sung.

         7. Second Reading is proclaimed.

         8. Alleluia is sung.

         9. Gospel is proclaimed by the Celebrant.

       10. Homily is delivered by the Celebrant.

       11. General Intercessions are prayed.

Liturgy of the Eucharist:

     12. Offertory Hymn is sung.

      13. Offertory Gifts are taken up to the altar by designated family & friends.

      14. Consecration of the Bread & Wine into the Body & Blood of Christ.

      15. All pray the Our Father.

      16. Communion Hymn is sung.

      17. Holy Communion is distributed to all Catholics who wish to receive.

      18. Meditation Hymn is sung.

Final Commendation and Farewell:

     19. Final Commendation Prayers are said.

      20. Final Commendation Hymn is sung while the Blessing of the body with incense is done.

      21. Sending Forth Hymn is sung.

      22. Body is escorted out of church by the family and friends in attendance.