VI.  Family Participation

       A.  Words of Remembrance:

Words of Remembrance are a short tribute to the faith life of the deceased loved one,

offered by a family member or close personal friend, who knows the deceased well.  This tribute

should offer a loving glimpse of the deceased person’s life, Christian character and how the

person touched the lives of others.  We invite the person to deliver the Words of

Remembrance before the start of the Funeral Mass.  This sets the tone and reminds everyone

of the special person that we are lifting up to God.  We ask that only one person be chosen to 

speak for no more than 2 – 3 minutes.  It is recommended to have a written, prepared script.

       B.  Placing of Pall:

The Pall is a white cloth designed to cover the casket.  It serves as a reminder of our

Baptismal garment symbolizing our life in Christ.  Close, immediate family members (i.e.:

spouse, children of the deceased and their spouses, if applicable) usually place the pall on the

casket.  In the case of Cremated Remains, this is not done.

       C.  Lectors for the Liturgy of the Word:

When asking someone to participate by reading during the Mass, remember that we are

asking them to proclaim the Word of God.  With that in mind, the person must

be an actively practicing Catholic.  OLA can provide a Lector if needed.

† First Reading

† Second Reading

† Intercessions

       D.  Offertory Gift Bearers:

Any immediate family members (i.e.: children and grandchildren), who have not

been a part of the Funeral Mass at this point, are welcome to assist in bringing up the gifts of

bread and wine.  We ask that if possible, it is limited to no more than 10 people.  During your

planning session with the Parish Staff, you will have an opportunity to discuss this if there

are any questions or concerns.

        E.  Guest Vocalist:

Guest vocalists are welcome to sing one hymn (such as the  Ave Maria).  If you have a 

member of the family or a close friend who would like to be part of the Funeral Mass, please

let the Parish Staff know and they will coordinate this with the OLA Director of Music

Ministry.  The guest vocalist is expected to rehearse with our  organist be prior to the

Funeral Mass.

       F.  Altar Servers:

       If you have members of the family who are already altar serving in their home parish, we

       welcome them to serve at Funeral Masses.  It is important to check to see that the young man

       or woman is comfortable with the role.  Also, OLA will assign an adult sacristan to prepare for the

       funeral and serve during the Mass.