I.  Making Arrangements to Celebrate the Funeral Liturgy

A.  Setting the Date and Time:

The funeral director or a family member may contact the OLA Parish Office or the

pastor to inform us of the death of your loved one and confirm your desire for a

certain date and time for a funeral and possibly visitation.  Funerals are scheduled

Monday through Saturday.  You may also choose to have a visitation time in order

to receive friends and family in the Sacred Heart Chapel prior to the liturgy. 

Generally, this visitation is an hour to an hour and a half long and immediately

precedes the scheduled funeral service.

B.  Working With the Parish Staff:

In conjunction with meeting with the Funeral Director, you will meet with the Parish

Staff to plan the Funeral Liturgy of the Word as well as the Sacred Music to be

included in the Mass.

You are welcome to have another Catholic priest (e.g.: friend or family member)

celebrate or concelebrate the Funeral Mass at Our Lady of the Assumption.  Please

provide Our Lady of the Assumption with the priest’s name, parish, address and

phone number.