OLA Mission Statement Survey

Description and Purpose of a Catholic Church Mission Statement:

A Parish Mission Statement is a concise expression of a parish’s  purpose for existence and guides the parish’s activities and make His name known and loved.

This is OLA’s current Mission Statement:

We are the family of God; We are the children of Our Lady of the Assumption.

We are the church, brothers and sisters of Christ in Baptism. With Mary, our Mother, raised up as her son’s first disciple, and our model,  we pledge to lift up one another and all who seek God.

As a family of believers, we worship God in Word and Sacraments, and like Mary, we give praise and thanks to God, and intercede for our brothers and sisters.

Nourished in the Eucharist, we are called to sacrifice ourselves as Christ did for us. Like Mary’s Son, we offer loving service to all in need, and we evangelize, welcome and teach the truth of the Gospel to all. Like Mary who was filled with God’s grace, we will strive to become living examples of Jesus, her son.


The proposed Mission Statement is:

Our Mission at My OLA ✞ My Family of Faith is to:

Know God Through Scripture,

Encounter God through Liturgy,

Love God through Service.


We believe the proposed statement is focused and concise and easily understood by all ages, ministries and organizations of the parish. The Mission Statement  is to be prominently displayed on the website, our church  bulletin and church communications.

Mary, our patroness, and model disciple of Jesus, will be our example of how we will fulfill our Mission Statement. Our devotion to her will continue to guide us to love and serve her Son.